BlackBerry Enterprise Server (Groupwise) 4.1.7 Maintenance Release 2 (MR2) verfügbar

Ja sehr lange hat sich in der Groupwise-Welt nicht mehr getan und die Carrier supporten den 5er BES – nicht ohne Grund – noch lange nicht. Für alle die jedoch noch den BES 4.1.7 MR1 im Einsatz haben heißt es aufatmen, denn ab sofort steht das Maintenance Release 2 im Downloadbereich zur Verfügung. Ich will nicht sagen dass die Release Notes von der Länge her der Bibel gleichen, doch mit ein wenig Lesestoff ist schon zu rechnen:

BlackBerry Messaging Agent
In certain circumstances, duplicate folders appeared on a user’s BlackBerry® device and were not automatically
removed. (DT 1035571)

*When BlackBerry device users searched for messages on their devices, the BlackBerry Messaging Agent added
many lines to its log file (for example, „[20000] (11/04 16:17:41.888):{0x1B18}
PMDatabaseSQLImp::GetMbMailSyncItem, Table MBMailSync; item not found (userid 12)“). These lines might
have filled up the Event Viewer in Windows® and overwritten events that were not related to the BlackBerry®
Enterprise Server. (DT 1029358)

*The BlackBerry Enterprise Server was potentially prevented from automatically regenerating the device transport
key. The user could regenerate the encryption key manually, as a workaround. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server
now regenerates the device transport key automatically. (DT 1020903)

After a device user deleted many messages at once (for example, 2000) in the Novell® GroupWise® email
application, some of the messages remained on the device and it might have taken more than 30 minutes to receive
new messages on the device. (DT 947461)

If you ran BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 SP7 with Novell GroupWise 8.0.2, and if the Novell GroupWise SOAP
connector received a notification that contained a user’s object ID with characters in an unexpected case, then
device users might have experienced delays in message delivery of 15 minutes or more. (DT 903568)

In BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 SP7, if you ran the BlackBerry Enterprise Server in OAPI connection mode, folder
synchronization occurred in 4 hour intervals. In BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 SP7 MR1, if you ran the BlackBerry
Enterprise Server in OAPI connection mode, folder synchronization occurred in 20-30 minute intervals. (DT 898506,

In certain circumstances, when all of the threads for the Novell GroupWise Post Office were busy, the performance
of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server slowed. (DT 818658)

If the BlackBerry Enterprise Server used SOAP communication mode and the Novell GroupWise Post Office sent
an invalid event, affected device users stopped receiving email to their devices. (DT 637203)

After the BlackBerry Messaging Agent was restarted, it did not check whether it failed to process email messages
before it was restarted. (DT 625131)

When a device was activated and sent the messages in the device user’s mailbox, some messages did not appear
on the device. (DT 492453)

BlackBerry Policy Service
*If you moved a user account from BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 SP6 or higher to 5.0 SP1 using the BlackBerry
Enterprise Transporter, the BlackBerry Policy Service might not have been able to regenerate encryption keys and
the device might not have been able to send or receive data. (DT 681797)

Calendar synchronization
If a user selected “Delete Prior” to remove unaccepted meeting requests from a device, and if an unaccepted
meeting request was moved to a different folder in the Novell GroupWise email application, then an updated
meeting request was sent to the device. (DT 621291)

*When you activated users on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server the management logs grew at an unexpectedly
high rate. (DT 730098)

Organizer data synchronization
When a device user created a new contact on the device, duplicate entries for the contact appeared on the device.
(DT 998657)

*A security vulnerability existed in the PDF distiller of the BlackBerry Attachment Service. This vulnerability could
have allowed a malicious individual to cause buffer overflow errors, which might have resulted in arbitrary code
execution on the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Attachment Service. While code execution was possible, an
attack was more likely to result in the PDF rendering process terminating before it completed. In the event of such
an unexpected process termination, the PDF rendering process restarted automatically but did not resume
processing the same PDF file.

Successful exploitation of this issue required a malicious individual to persuade a device user to open a specially
crafted PDF file on a device that was associated with a user account on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The PDF
file might have been attached to an email message, or the device user might have retrieved it from a web site
using the Get Link menu item on the device. (DT1038261)

This issue was resolved in an earlier interim security software update. For more information, visit to read KB25382.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1.7 MR2 (Groupwise) Release Notes | Download

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