BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife in Version 1.3 verfügbar

Das BBSAK hatte ich Euch schon mal in der Version 1.2 vorgestellt, nach ca. einem Monat wurden Neuerungen implementriert und etwas am UI geschliffen.


Neuerungen in Version 1.3:

• New way to detect device implemented MUCH MORE efficient and accurate
• Radio is now temporarily disabled while backing up devices (turns back on when backup completed)
• Backup now creates .alx file (allows you to install from loader.exe/desktop manager) and wont give you trouble when using desktop manager
• Restore 3rd Party apps removed – with alx install in 1 step with loader.exe
• Ability to Read all Apps on the Blackberry (3rd party and stock)
• Ability to Save individual COD files (C:\Program Files\BBSAK\CODs\(App name)\cod file)
• Ability to Remove individual COD files (THEY WILL BE LOST FOR GOOD!)
• Ability to Load individual COD files (some require phone restarting others do not depends if app is running in background)
• Donate button! please donate if you appreciate our hard work!

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Martin Cygan

Martin ist Gründer des Blogs und berät Unternehmen im Umfeld der mobilen Lösungen. Seine Spezialthemen sind iOS, Mobile Device Management und Enterprise Mobility, sowie Apps.

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