BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 4.1.7 Maintenance Release 2 verfügbar

Anscheinend ist der BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express so beliebt, dass sich niemand mehr um den BES 4.1 kümmert. Nichts desto trotz, wurde im März das Maintenance Release 2 (MR2) veröffentlicht. Ich habe mal alle Bugfixes und Neuerungen rauskopiert:

BlackBerry Attachment Service

  • When a user sent an HTML-formatted email message to a BlackBerry device that included attachments and an inline image and the BlackBerry device opened the attachments, the attachments did not display properly. (DT 492189)

BlackBerry Controller

  • When the BlackBerry Controller stopped, it did not use the timeout value of the AgentShutdownTimeout registry key. (DT 485302)

BlackBerry Manager

  • The BlackBerry Manager used the incorrect Push Initiator Password name for the Password policy group. (DT 471681)
  • If you deleted the SyncDeviceManagementSummary.AppsVer in the BlackBerry Configuration Database for a user account and then tried to send the Erase Data and Disable Handheld IT administration command, the BlackBerry Manager stopped responding and displayed the Abnormal Program Termination error message. (DT 455603)
  • After a user downgrades the BlackBerry® Device Software version on a BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry Manager displayed an error when you tried to view the version information. (SDR 196734)

BlackBerry MDS Connection Service

  • When a user tries to browse to an HTTPS site that uses a certificate that contains „Subject Alternative Name“, the device displays an HTTP 500 error message and the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service writes a java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException error to its log file. (DT 478993)

BlackBerry Messaging Agent

  • In previous releases, you could not configure the shutdown timer for the BlackBerry® Messaging Agent. In this release, you can configure the AgentShutdownTimeout key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Agents. The default value is 40 (seconds). Permitted values are 40 or higher. The BlackBerry Controller adds 20 seconds to the value before it attempts to shut down the BlackBerry Messaging Agent. (DT 454733)
  • After you installed the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and imported user accounts, the BlackBerry Messaging Agent continued to use more memory than required. (DT 347593, DT 304171)
  • If you configured custom CDO profiles, after some time, the BlackBerry Messaging Agent might not have performed as expected. (DT 237736)
  • In BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 SP5 and 4.1 SP6, when the BlackBerry Messaging Agent scanned the GAL, the BlackBerry Messaging Agent might have stopped responding. (SDR 249042)

BlackBerry Policy Service

  • In certain circumstances, the BlackBerry Policy Service did not process requests in a timely manner. (DT 391803)
  • After the BlackBerry Policy Service lost its connection to the database server and reconnected, the BlackBerry Policy Service did not initialize correctly. (DT 395885)

BlackBerry Synchronization Service

  • When you started the BlackBerry Synchronization Service, after approximately 5 minutes the BlackBerry Synchronization Service stopped responding and logged an access violation error message in its log file. (DT 112614)
  • When a user successfully activated a BlackBerry device over the wireless network, the BlackBerry Synchronization Service wrote SYNC-SSession error messages in its log file. (DT 120183)

Calendar synchronization

  • If a user used Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 and configured a delegate, the user received Informational Only messages as meeting invitations in Microsoft Outlook. (DT 425322)

Download: BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 4.1.7 MR2
Link (PDF): Release Notes

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