FileScout v1.3 – Der bessere Dateimanager für den BlackBerry

filescout13_1 hat FileScout auf die Version 1.3 akutalisiert. Noch nicht all zu lange her, hieß der Dateiexplorer BBFileSCout und ist nicht – wie viele sich irren – kostenlos, sondern eine DonationWare. Folgende Neuerungen sind seit der aktuellsten Version vorhanden:

  • New File Associations Option: „Use the BlackBerry default Browser to open HTML files“. In previous versions of FileScout HTML files where always opened with the Media application. With this new Option it’s possible to open any HTML files (e.g. from your SDCard) with the default BlackBerry® browser application.
  • New Function in TextViewer/Editor: Toggle WordWrap (ON/OFF)
    Unfortunately not available for for Storm users: For some reason, the layout manager does not support horizontal & vertical scrolling of a text field at the same time (looks like a bug in the OS – or I am too stupid?) – when WordWrap was turned of you could scroll horizontal but it was impossible to scroll up/down – I tried all my best to get around this flaw but I was not successful yet – my apologize for this inconvenience.
  • New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: Auto WordWrap (to select the startup behavior of the TextViewer/Editor) – default value is ON
    Unfortunately not available on TouchScreen devices (see above)
  • New functionality in search popup:
    • Select and deselect multiple files in the search result – Key shortcut: [SPACE]
    • Add single file (or selection of files) to virtual Clipboard [so the file(s) can be copied or moved to any destination once the search dialog is closed] – Key shortcut [C|V]
      Please note you can repeat as many searches as you like – each time you add a file (or a selection) to the clipboard the number of files in the clipboard is increasing.
    • Checkbox: Search only in the current directory
  • New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: FontSize – select between: ’small‘, ‚medium‘, ‚default‘, ‚large‘ or ‚I am an old man‘ (default: DEFAULT)
  • Options are directly accessible from the TextViewer/Editor
  • TextViewer/Editor loading performance improved
  • TextViewer/Editor: new Menu items ‚Goto Start‘ & ‚Goto End‘
  • TextEditor: new Menu item ‚Switch to ReadOnlyMode‘ -> this will give you access to all new key shortcuts
  • TextViewer/Editor: new key shortcuts (TextEditor have to be in ‚ReadOnly‘ Mode)


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